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Nomination for GRADE award
„Best PhD supervision“

The supervision and mentoring of Early Career Researchers is one of the most rewarding aspects of academia, and I feel very proud to have been nominated for the GRADE award „Beste Promitionsbetreuung“. It was an honour to be nominated together with so many other passionate and committed academics, so thank you guys!!

September 2023

Congratulations to Maureen Jacob…

… for the publication of her studies in the British Journal of Cancer (which by the way also published the first description of apoptosis back i n 1972). As part of her MD project Maureen investigated how BH3-mimetics may be applied in chemoresistant Neuroblastoma cells. Very well done Maureen, and a big thank you to all the collaborators who contributed to this study! Research studies like this would not be possible without external funding, and we would like to especially thank the Madeleine Schickedanz Kinderkrebs-Stiftung for funding this study.

June 2023

UCT Science Day

What a hot UCT Science Day in Marburg in June 2023! Thank you for everyone for presenting fantastic posters and joining in the lively discussions. Great opportunity for new collaboroations and a shared Frankfurt-Marburg spirit for tackling cancer.

March 2023

Check out our latest publication on the effects of the Smac mimetic BV6 on the capacity of NK cells to attack and kill pediatric cancer cells. This paper has just been published in the Special Issue entitled „In Honor of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: Cell-Mediated Immunity“ in the journal Cells.

What an honour indeed!

Many thanks especailly to Vinzenz for all the hard work and the long hours that he spent at the microscope taking beautiful pictures of our 3D tumor spheroids. And many congratulations and a big Thank You to everyone who contributed to this project, in particular the colleagues at TRON in Mainz for the fantastic collaboration!

International AEK Cancer Congress

February 2023

Fantastic discussions at the AEK Congress in Kassel with excellent speakers. What a great first conference experience for Juliana, Marius and Moni! Many thanks for joining in!

New Years Eve 2022: Spiridon Mainova Sylvesterlauf

Many thanks to everyone who put on their running shoes and participated in the 10K run in aid of the Frankfurter Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder. Well done everyone!

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November 2022

Many congratulations to Dr. Vinzenz Särchen

We are delighted to congratulate Vinzenz on obtaining his PhD degree at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Vinzenz pioneered the work on immune cells in our lab, and studied how immune cells can be combined with apoptosis inducing agents to fight pediatric cancer. If you want to know more about his research, check out this fantastic animation that Vinzenz and his co-workers designed:

„Immuntherapie gegen solide Tumore“

Very well done Vinzenz, and all the best of luck for your future endeavors!

October 2022

We wish the best of luck to all our alumni

and congratulate Maureen Jacob and Senthan Shanmugalingam on passing their final medical exam!